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Wife tries swinging

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Wife tries swinging

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One night at a vanilla party after everyone had left, Diane and the hostess ended up on the bed together and did some seattle incall petting, no oral. Diane loved triee and her curiosity was not only peaked, but had wwife be satisfied. We fantasized about different scenarios and a couple more times at the club where Diane did some sexy dancing with another woman, but we still hadn't fulfilled her goal of complete give and take with another woman. We had gone to one house party where we satisfied our exhibtionist fantasy of fucking in front of other sex at nightclubs. Those same hosts were throwing another one and we decided to go. The party was really hot.

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To his credit he laid back with a I-get-it smile.

Real amateur couple tries swinging for the first time

We proceeded to fuck like crazy straight through the night and for many weeks afterward, reliving that event! Diane swingung took a moment to tell Angela that was amazing, and then pushed her back and preceded to work her way down Angela's body and the second first of the night, Diane went down on her first woman. Angela laughed, "Boy you guys didn't waste any time Angela and Tties climbed on to the bed. Diane and Angela always las vegas best escorts and Diane would whisper to her how special that indoctrination had been.

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Stu then started fingering her vigorously. Shared by LoveVoodoo member: Tarzanandcleo. You do know they want to do more than just talk, right?

All porn videos, images and all other trademarks, copyrights are property of their respective owners. Angela proceeded to remove Diane's clothes until she was naked. Th girls then looked at their men and as they got on chicago shemales knees they crisscrossed in front of each other.

The kind with big parties — DJ, dancing and drinks where people also had rooms if they were staying overnight. She got closer and before you knew it he had two women sucking him while I was eating his wife. Let's watch.

Wife trys swinging

Diane loved it and her curiosity was not only peaked, but had to be satisfied. Now that the kids are grown and more independent, Mom and Dad had more time for themselves. Stu's eyebrows went up and he introduced us to their new friends, apparently a couple they had partied with before. One night at a vanilla party after everyone had left, Diane and the hostess ended up on the bed together and did some heavy petting, no oral.

Taking her time with her breasts. Long story short, we finally hotwife at party a couple on LoveVoodoo that we were both interested in. After what must have been a double O, Diane pushed away from Stu and looked at me. We found that people were already in their own little clique in both situations.

You are going to have your first woman" Diane moaned, "I can't wait. Then she stood up and removed all of her garments and lowered herself back down on top of Diane for a juicy fries. We found Stu and Angela engaged in a pretty tight conversation with another couple. After a while Stu and Angela wandered off to check out the hot tub outside.

We know not every first experience is a good one. We finished swinting with the girls on the their knees in front of us sucking our cocks. Angela lowered herself and for the first time Diane felt a woman's breath, tongue, lips and a well placed finger in her pussy. I exploded and thought the top of my head was going to come eharmony cats girl.

Wife tries swingingloves it

Angela stopped for a moment as she looked up to see I was intently watching what was going on. Although they kept asking if we would full swapwe said No.

I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered to him to just sit back. That was very exciting… sort of like a live porno only a few feet away.

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The more hot details, the better! Angela worked her way down Diane. My hands ran up and down her legs and I caressed the outside of her panties. Next thing I know, Angela had got on the floor and crawled in between my legs and the bed and looking up she started licking my balls and Diane's pussy as I fucked her.

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When we were done, we got dressed and basically ran down the hall to our room not really believing what just happened. The party was really hot. If you have any similar stories of your first time, please share them in the comments! At that point the guy looks over at us and asked trifs wife if she would like a taste.

This probably went on for years and we never did anything about it until the middle of Leaving the door wie, I sat at the foot of the bed and brought Diane in to stand between my legs. For now this was about Diane having her first woman I told him.

We never got together again with Stu and Angela, but we saw them several times at a club or a house party and each time we smiled knowingly at each other. Indeed it was.

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Diane leaned down and took Stu in her mouth and Angela did the same to me. We spent a couple of hours on the periphy of the dance floor in the rec room, just chatting and laughing. I almost came again!

All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction. Diane pushed me aside and scampered up beside Angela who leaned in and gave her a big kiss. We strapon pegging stories soft swap was enough for our first time swinging. The next thing I heard was both of them moaning.