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When a guy says he wants to kiss you

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When a guy says he wants to kiss you

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He sits as close to you as possible. Instead of choosing the chair in the corner of the room, he sits right next to you. Because he wants your lips to be touching, too.

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Tells you how nice your perfume smells.

Make it easier on the poor guy! If so, he definitely wants to kiss you. Eye-contact is powerful, especially for those who are already in the throes of sexual chemistry. Maybe I should ask to kiss her. Mouth maintenance? When the s he wants to kiss you start popping up, you need to start paying attention and get ready to either reciprocate or stop him in his tracks.

He touches you every chance he gets. He openly flirts with you. There are some ways to tell, of course, but it's hard to know exactly what to look out for it you're not already aware of the s. Music can be a huge indicator.

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But he might really be shy about it. Did I just hit her teeth by accident? He's doing mouth maintenance. These little movements are all about him gauging your reaction.

Right now, you have no personal space. One of the biggest s he wants to kiss you is his body language.

Does he love to be near you? Basically, he wants the first kiss to be perfect.

He really wants to see you though. If you speak and he stares at your lips, really staring, then this is THE he wants to kiss you.

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He finally ot up the courage to kiss you, but during the kiss, he worried his teeth might've touched yours or if he used his tongue too much. Lingering is a hesitation.

He compliments your lips. Now, I never said men were easy to figure out.

If he's inching closer and closer to you throughout the night, he may be getting ready to go in for the kill and is testing the waters by amping up the sexual tension. Your body language reaction ahen important here: if you want him to go for it, stand firm and don't back away as he gets closer.

Diana V. And if he likes you, he wants that kiss as badly as you do. May gug, Fidgeting? All that sex talk can really start to rev him up. Maybe next time.

2. he's fidgeting.

Maybe he just needs the barrier broken. The first kiss with someone new is one of the most exciting experiences you can have with your crush. He's getting touchy-feely.

He lingers. A sure he's dying to lean in for a kiss?

1. he's getting quiet.

He tells you so As mentioned above, some guys will plan out a romantic setting before a kiss. The eyes are yoi window to the soul as the quote goes. He tries to talk sexy Has your conversation turned to something a little more personal?

He looks straight into your eyes, telling you exactly what he wants. Liked what you just read? The dating world wans be so much easier to manage if you could read the s he wants to kiss you.