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The absolute truth about muhammad in the bible

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The absolute truth about muhammad in the bible

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Response[ edit ] The Christian biographer of Muhammad Karen Armstrong criticized the book as follows: Like any book written bilbe hatred, [Spencer's] new work is a depressing read. Spencer makes no attempt to explain the historical, political, economic and spiritual circumstances of 7th-century Arabiawithout which it is impossible to understand the complexities of Muhammad's life. Consequently he makes basic and bad mistakes of fact.

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Let's all agree that there is no absolute nation or followers who are all good or all bad. Not all muslims are goodnot all muslims are badnot all christians are goodnot all christians are badnot all jews are goodnot all jews are badetc etc. Muslims will deny the Holy Bible as the inerrant Word of the Living God over their fictional version, but then, claim that Muhammad is mentioned in the Holy Bible Please about Islam before insulting it,do not establish your opinion upon the saying of a manipulated media.

If Muslims believe the Holy Bible is that good, maybe, Muslims should realize that the Holy Bible also says, it was Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins, and NOT Judas dying on the cross as the Koran mentions for no good reason, except for the sole reason of denying Jesus Christ the praise and reverence that Sex shops columbus deserves for sacrificing Himself for us.

Response[ edit ] The Christian biographer of Muhammad Karen Armstrong criticized the book as follows: Like any book written in hatred, [Spencer's] new work is a depressing read.

The absolute truth about muhammad in the bible

We make no distinction between any of them, and unto Him we have surrendered. His wrong doingis his. He ignores the Koranic emphasis on the primacy of forgiveness abput peaceful negotiation: ts kourtney second the enemy asks for peace, Muslims must lay down their arms and accept any terms offered, however disadvantageous. I only tell you one advice: pray, praypray - ask GOd himself to reveal the truth to you!

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It has nothing to do with the teachings of the bible. It really keeps me puzzled everydaythat those thousands of years for humans on earthdid not teach people :: not to expect everyone to share them their very same beliefs and opinions!! People would be offended by an of Judaism that dwelled exclusively on Joshua's massacres and never mentioned Rabbi Hillel's Golden Rule, or a description of Christianity based on the bellicose Book of Revelation that failed to cite the Sermon on the Mount.

You may reply that,that was in the past what about the present,I may escort chula vista that our contribution at present is limited,but to ur knowledge and ur own luck,that is because of us neglecting the teachings of our religion Islam.

I african black lesbian have said much more for those who realy are keen to know the reality, yet. I cant belive a whle film woudl be build on a sound - of one word- that was in a poetry part - of the old terstament tawrah not the new testament christian aslan - truthh it said nothing about a vission. May God reward you the wisdom and patience to keep saying a word of truth with patiencewisdom and politeness.

And those terrible wrong doings that some people do in muslim countriesare theirs.

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Cause this is the only way for us forward. Spencer makes no attempt to explain the historical, political, economic and spiritual circumstances of 7th-century Kuhammadwithout which it is impossible to understand the complexities of Muhammad's life. Reading this, I doubt Armstrong actually read the book. It's simply the truth and shines light on the current state of things.

Now its up to you to accept differences and be open to live in peace trutj to keep taking the sins of insulting other people simply because they pray to God differentlyor follow a different scheme of religious rituals. But the widespread ignorance about Islam in the West makes many vulnerable to Spencer's polemic; he is telling them what they are predisposed to hear. Wishing parachat rooms humanity a future that brings more peace and respect for different opinions and religions.

Just likewe won't go accuse christians to be violent tbe a school students kills 15 kids in USA at a school a few months back.

Absolute truth about muhammad (pubh) in the bible (with arabic subtitles)

Whether you want to believe in a prophet Mohammed and Jesus peace be upon themor notis all up to you! The only thing is thatit would be great if people stop being ignorant and accusing Islam of violence because some horrible person did a wrong doing and claimed to be a muslim. Why do you have to insult Muslims or Islam when you haven't even listened to the Holly Quraan? In verse of the first chapter in QuraanALLAH asks us to reply to you saying that : We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us and that which was revealed unto Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, free cats nj the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received, and that which the prophets received from their Lord.

Spencer frames his book partly as a testament to the importance of the freedom of speech. Reviewer: Acid Burn21 - - November 19, Subject: answers to Giver of life first if you want to accept the prophecies femdom chat lines the old testament that tells bout Jesus Christ, then you have to accept every word in it as your God's words, so there is no different between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

His book is a gift to extremists who can use it to "prove" to those Muslims who have been alienated by events in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq that the west is incurably hostile to their faith. Or maybe she thee wants to make sure no one else re it.

All religions call for peace, rights, love and prosperity of humanity. Reviewer: moadeeb - - November 26, Subject: to all those who didn't like what was on that video To my astonishment some of the insulting and hostile reviews,are from people who know absolutely nothing about Abouut nor of our prophet Mohammad.

The absolute truth about muhammad in the bible

In fact, anyway, the beginning of chapter three, and many other passages throughout the book, are devoted to explaining "the historical, political, economic and spiritual circumstances of 7th-century Arabia. Will those that follow Muhammad renounce violence and Whabbism? I'm very sorry to say I listened carefuly to the video you sent, I say without thinking to all those people!

All religions are a form of control, they were started to hentai dressup game and keep people in order using fear tactics and the reward system. Consequently he makes basic and bad mistakes of fact. An alarming book, and a necessary one. Dear "moadeeb"thank you for your objective answer and patience in tolerating the insults thrown against our prophet.

There is no mention of Muhammad's non-violent campaign that ended the conflict. If there is any "hatred" in it, it comes from Sunni sources, not from me.

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However, Robert Spencer exercises his right to free speech free from responsibility, choosing instead to inspire hatred and encourage intolerance. Muhammad' hagiography, reviving the highly informative, unapologetic genre of biographical narratives of Muhammad epitomized by the works of Muir bivle, Margoliouth and Caetani. Even more damaging, he deliberately manipulates the evidence. GOD bless all who work on it.

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Free chat line orlando matter what you do or have, there is only one way to get you the inner peace, the real comfort, feeling safe, secured, powerful, protected, courage Right now a year-old plan is being carried out and the people of the world muhamnad while the puppet-masters fuel the flames. Reviewer: micah6vs8 - favorite - November 26, Subject: Where are all the other reviews?

When discussing Muhammad's war with Mecca, Spencer never cites the Quran's condemnation of all warfare as an "awesome evil", its prohibition of aggression or its insistence that only self-defence justifies armed conflict. The past can't be changed, so I'm not talking about the offenses carried out by other religions.

Will they allow all in their society to have equal rights under the law? They have absolutely nothing to do with Islam or the teachings of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.