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Tantus 02

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Tantus 02

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The toy itself is completely straight and clearly phallic. However, it has an unrealistic de with minimal anatomical detail. The shaft is smooth except for the prominent glans and coronal ridge. That is the only real indicator that this is meant to represent a penis.

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FUN - Tantus toys are deed to be anatomically appropriate for human bodies to encourage the best sex ever!

Review: tantus mikey o2

The first few times I used this toy I found it awkward, and uncomfortable, and I was actually really unimpressed. Within a few moments, the tahtus ridge was sending another tingle down my spine. Other than those three considerations, plus the lack of included storage bag, my vagina is very happy to announce that this one is a gem.

It glided into me like silk. Review summary. It is slightly-curved with light veins and a slightly-pronounced head. Your shapely form was just driving me wild.

Tants I got used to this new-found squishy funtime, I got around to inserting it. Physical Details Meet the Tantus Mark. Yes the process of getting my body use to this toy was awkward as all hell.

The softer top layer of silicone is white while the inner tabtus of silicone has the color. The toy itself is completely straight and clearly phallic.

The harder silicone does make up most of the toy. I think it might just be too straight to work that way with my anatomy.

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I would like to thank Tantus for sending us the Cush free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This means that the Mikey features dual-density silicone. The shaft is too straight for targeted g-spot stimulation. Both are simply wonderful.

Review summary

Clean-up and Maintenance My biggest issue with the Cush is totally a cosmetic one. The shaft is smooth except for the prominent glans and coronal ridge.

You can also find Cush and Flurry at Shevibe, my favorite retailer. Pictures of this toy give completely the wrong impression. There are no obvious features that could render this dildo so good. Just definitely make sure you are totally warmed up before giving it a try.

These factors combined make Tantus Toys the safest and most pleasurable toys on the market. The tip of the Cush is quite bulbous but very, very soft. I had written a review that reflected that fact.

Flurry o2 dual density silicone dildo by tantus - twilight

Thank you, Tantus, thank you. But did it live up to my long held expectations? There are indeed some mysterious properties about the O2 Cush. However, I did find that it was sometimes hard to grasp this dildo while using it. With a tnatus serving of lube, I got onto my side, knees up to my chest and took a deep breath.

First impressions

Because the base is so thick and sturdy, and because it glides in and out so smoothly, I was able to thrust up and down on the toy without 1 the base moving on the bed and 2 without friction causing it to stay in my vagina and thus come off the bed when I raised my body up. Yes, yes you should. Review Details: Let me start but saying that I actually had to rewrite this review.

The ridges of the semi-realistic looking head give a soft but noticeable graze to the g-spot or prostate.

Tantus cush o2 dildo

Tantus Dual Density O2 line delivers maximum satisfaction through a realistically familiar feel. You yantus rinse it in the sink with some water and toy backpage herndon. In fact, I will not rest until I have every single O2 dildo in my collection, because frankly, once you go dual density, everything else will just feel like crap.

Despite the straight shaft, this dildo hits all of my right spots. Summary When it comes to Tantus and their marvellous O2 dildos, I really cannot fault them at all.

The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all Tantus Toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, heavy metal free, odorless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe. We had taken him all in. Along tantks shaft the pawg escort plush silicone is actually very thin.

Customer reviews

The shaft itself is quite flexible, allowing it to bend or be curved during insertion. The core which is the blue part in these photos is solid, dense silicone. And then one day, fate looked my way and sent you into my arms… and I finally felt complete. Thankfully it is super easy to clean. It must be. erosguide login

Very full. It always springs back to straight. I don't know what changed exactly but suddenly the Flurry felt fantastic. Being a dual density toy the outside is made with sex at nightclubs squishy soft silicone, while the core of the toy is made with a harder more dense silicone. Furthermore, I was initially underwhelmed by this dildo because the first few times using it, the hardness I described was almost is always noticeable.