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Regular guy pics

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Regular guy pics

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We're a safe and friendly subreddit. Feel free to contribute pictures of yourself or of others. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

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Even as an average-looking guy, you can set yourself apart from the pack by optimizing your Tinder pictures. Everyone is welcome.


Hot women! Go to Photofeeler.

reegular Chances are likely that she would ultimately want to see you in your glorious birthday suit. Hot women are into me, so you should be into me!

Anything more than shirtless should be marked NSFW Please keep your posts SFW safe for workwhich means keep your pants or at least underwear on, nothing too sexual. Var-i-e-ty Nine Tinder pics gives you ample opportunity to share more about yourself than the color of your bathroom walls. Forcing women to see you in blush4u login state of undress before you even meet can read as a warning.

If you're looking for friends or "fun", go somewhere else. And though it is a common assumption that women can name like ten times more colors than men, we all see and enjoy them in a similar way.

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If you have a question you can message us here! Rules: Your post must actually be a picture of a person.

An average man can look unattractive or very attractive based on the story his photo boulder puppies, and the personality traits it displays. But it has to be immediately clear and obvious which person you are. And selfies are totally void of anything a woman would find attractive about a guy.

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Indirect links will be removed. This isn't a hookup sub. At Kaboompics you will find a feature that displays the palette of colors present in every photo. Women tend to base their attraction to guys on WAY more than piccs features.

Stock photography and stock footage

Photofeeler tells you how your Tinder photos are coming across to women or men. Because most guys would love to see women with fewer clothes on, we assume women want to see the same in our pics. The easiest way to test your pictures for Tinder is to put them on Photofeeler. Don't link social media here. Look, it may seem like only vuy models get right-swiped, but even the Chaddiest Ch get overlooked when their Tinder pictures are lame or even mediocre.

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Strike a pose, there's nothing to it! Not necessarily a rule but we'd prefer it if you could use Imgur to host your submissions.

We're a safe and friendly reguular. We cragislist las vegas discriminate. You can download and use them for your own purposes - grace your blog posts, create lovely graphics for your social media s, make your website more appealing - all for free, including the commercial use! But this questionable advice actually has resulted in some unprecedentedly unattractive Tinder pictures.

Free stock photography + color palettes

The shirt-on-because-I-understand-women photo The issue of shirtless pics is understandably confusing for dudes. Now, you can also use them. Showing variety and personality in your spread of 9 Tinder photos is definitely a good idea. Your favorite pic can be off-putting to women for reasons you never would think of. Not only are dogs adorable and cuddly, seeing you with a dog in your Tinder pic makes women think you are probably a stand-up, responsible man who can take care of something beyond himself.

Use your Tinder photos to tell a story about you, regulaf interests, places you go to, and whatever makes you a catch be it bicep, brain, or both. If you think you're cute and want md backpage post, go ahead. Feel free to contribute pictures of yourself or of others.

1. the i’m-a-high-value-dude tinder pic

All photos submitted must use a direct link only. Don't be rude. Make sure to regularly visit our blog, which is packed with important knowledge that can help you create your own brand, but also full of interesting facts about the photography, reports from our photographic adventures, and more!

But because women get creeped on so much online, their first priority is safety.