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Nerd date ideas

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Nerd date ideas

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Like knights, damsels, and beer? If so, you may well already be familiar with the institution of renaissance festivals. But for dste uninitiated, these festivals feature a full-on renaissance village: a cast of quirky costumed characters; performances with music, comedy, free pallets albuquerque, and acrobatics; yummy if pricey food and alcohol; and knights jousting in tournaments! If you and your partner share a love of magic, fancy costumes, and all things nerdy, a renaissance faire offers great fun and can take all day to explore.

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Watch Old School Films at a Drive in — Look at for old school movie nights at the local drive in cinema.

Bonus points if you turn it into a late night picnic too. Am I right?

8 spectacularly geeky date ideas for nerdy couples

A local pub recently had a Dr. Board Games I would be remiss to make a list of geeky date ideas without including board iideas.

This person is also called the gamemaster. Want some more inspiration for date night?

Escape rooms have become a favorite date activity for my husband and I. Dat Room — If you have not tried an escape room yet, an outing with that special someone is the perfect opportunity!

Nerdy first date ideas

Save Save. Pick a movie or television series that you both love and binge away! Pokemon Go — Pokemon Go is a super fun way to explore your city. More Date Night Inspo? Live it up at a Convention Looking for a weekend away with a special someone?

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Bonus points if one of you can beat a high score! To take it datr the next level, you could even prep your bug out bags. Pull out one of your favorites at home or check locally. Bonus points if you record it.

13 nerdy date ideas that you’ll want to try immediately

So perhaps you guys need a little more stimulation on your dates than a lasagne and bottle of Pinot. Explore a park and pretend your traversing Middle Earth as you complete your quest to destroy the Nerrd Ring…or pretend you two are discovering the forests of Endor. For a twist, have one person read aloud to the other person. Since these contests usually involve teams, you can up with iseas friends or take on the competition with just your partner at your side!

Go second hand shopping — Trying on vintage clothes is the most fun! Fandom photo montage.

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Movie Marathon — There is nothing like a good movie marathon of your fav films. In my definition, geeks comprise quite a considerable cross-section of the population, including but not limited to mathematicians, bookworms, geography bee winners, fans of Middle English works of literature, philosophers and, of course, Dungeons and Dragons aficionados.

Build with Lego bricks. Gather up your nerdy accessories and props. You can have fun, meet new friends, and pick up new hobbies by taking classes in whatever activity interests you and your loved one.

Engage in nerdy conversations or debate… is the cake really a lie? Admission to the film also requires paying admission to the museum, so make the most of it by exploring other exhibitions while there such as the Butterfly Conservatory or The Secret World Inside You, which examines how microbes affect the human body.

Play Ping Pong — A super fun nerdy active date. Most games require the players to roll dice to see if dtae characters succeed at the actions they attempt. The more heavily populated the area where you live, the more options you will have, but it is yooper yardsale useful resource almost everywhere. Playing board games lets a couple spend time together on a shared date activity without having to fill ideax of that time with conversation.

Perhaps swing dance or ballroom dancing would be fun? The possibilities are endless.

10 best date ideas for geeks

Whether your tastes are in TV shows, video games, books, or movies, there is a convention that has you covered. Nerf war — There is nothing more fun than firing at someone else with a nerf gun! Choose based on your experience level locanto reviews how long idews want your date to last! This one may sound a little odd, but hear me out.

32 unique nerdy date ideas

Try this fun game with your little nerd. If so, you may well already be familiar with the institution of renaissance festivals. Do pottery together — Bring the iconic scene from ghost to life with your very own pottery date!