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My mom fucked my sister

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My mom fucked my sister

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Him- girlfriends?

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Him- dont get afraid, it happens in your age and you are grown up too.

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And we made rule that we will kom all nude in sixter all time. Suddenly she took his penis to her mouth and started sucking like pro. Then we saw time it was 11pm. Im a horny boy cts adult bookstore always masturbating watching porn atleast four times a weekI then headed to the panties and pick it up and the aroma the scent of the cum of my sister is amaizing.

She smelt it and threw back.

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Finally at 7pm. She refused. Then my mom told she will cook something. I going towards her to touch her boobs.

In some time my dick was hard again then I went near my priya and started to fuck her and I fucked heaar ass too she sucked my penis clean. I said what about truth or dare!!!

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She said what the heck!!! I was stunned to see anastasia bliss escort, Then mom spun bottle it pointed towards dad she asked him to remove his shirt and the pant. Mpm was like um um im mon sis I am abit curious thats all nothing else. Next day: mom and sis went to temple as usual I locked the door and came and sat back and dad also came and sat beside me. Mom asked whether I smoke or drink.

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I said ok I was afraid dat he will scold me about boob matter. So it was boring all were in hall. What are talking about? It was boring and there was no power we had ups for only tube lights and not for tv.

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He was in just banian and undees he had bulge on my sis was starring it. L started to grow inside my shortI quickly get my long shaft 7 inches of my dick in my palm and started to jerk off in her panties for the first fuckked. And I had huge bulge in my undies. Subscribe 2K. And thank you I had eye on mom and priya since 1year. click and

Him- then whats the plan how to seduce both of them? You have to help me in one matter. Then my mom and sister ate roti with cum and we all mu and time was She asked me and dad to cum in a bowl we both masturbated watching porn and cummed inside bowl.

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It was dad and thanked me for this plan. Really east texas dating howw? Siser gasped like lach lach lach!!! And he asked her to remove her nighty. After a while my sister started to moan because mom is sucking and licking sis cuntand she came in her mouth and I gave a heavy load cumshot in her womb now I two slutty bithces in other word sex slave of mine.

Then I cummed inside her. Sster mom bought roti but she couldnt make chutnee. Seeing my neatly shaved cock. I was 954 782 7442 to control I held her head in my both hands and started to mouth fuck her and deep troated her. And asked her what are you talking about.

I was stunned to see her naked. My sis licked my moms pussy. She spun bottle and it stopped towards dad.

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She momm moaning ahhhh ahhhhha ahhh aha aha aha come lick yah ayah ahaha. And both discussed about the plan and apply it on evening.

We all slept naked itself. And she told rules is rules. I asked!

She told first u should give blowjob to dad for 10 mins. She ask me what made you curious about, then I explain that your sexy body ,your butt, boobs in this age make me cum every time when I see you do you know that. Me- daaaaad!

And held stiff and pulled foreskin back. We arranged bed in room and ed two bed.