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My aunts ass erotica

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My aunts ass erotica

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I was 12, and she was My parents went on a trip for four days and asked my her to stay at our house to watch lingerie san diego sister and I. I had never really fantasized about my Aunt, but more than once I had tried to mg down her top or up her skirt. Even though she was over 40 and fairly plump, I remember that she had alabama chat big boobs that jiggled when she walked, a sweet round ass, and mh very attractive overall. Her husband had died about 3 years earlier, and although she was very attractive she had not started dating again and I'm sure had not had sex in over 3 years.

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They had to be about a C-cup at the time.

They were gorgeous as they hung there and I just wanted to grab them and suck on them. Make love to me like you used to. I sat up and stared in disbelief as my mom rocked back and forth between the two men and their cocks.

My aunt was now wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. I stayed in their above ground pool while they headed off inside. Instead of a room filled with fishing trophies and hunting rifles, there was 1 trophy, shelves with family photos and self bbbj san jose books, and a huge tv with stacks of yoga and Pilates dvds and a yoga mat on the floor.

Lisa is such a good little cocksucker.

With a few last thrusts, I held my cock deep in her and shot stream after stream of cum deep into Aunt Ellen's bowels. After bedtime, it was business as usual. After several minutes of remaining aas, my cock was still rock hard and buried to the hilt in my Aunt's ass. In disbelief, I watched my 41 year old Aunt knowingly and eagerly slam her ass back into my engorged cock.

A visit to my aunt’s house – part 1

Shocked and surprised, I knew she had to be awake. Oh you fuck so good.

By now I had gotten a pretty fkk babylon hard-on that I was trying to prevent from touching my Aunt Suzy. He looked to be about the same size as me, maybe even 8 inches. She gave me a knowing smile as she got into her car.

She looked dazed with a big smile on her face. Did she really not find them or did she and was just lying like I had? My parents went on a trip for four days and asked my her to stay at our house to watch aknts sister and I.

Aunt and motherfucker

She started to rub my dick and placed it at the entrance of her sopping wet cunt. But before I could, she pushed back towards me and engulfed my cock with her asshole.

So far, nothing wrong with this massage. I then slid my cock into her virgin ass. But she just stared at Brian and kept fingering herself.

God it was such a gorgeous sight. Please, I need it soooo bad!

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My aunt got down on her knees with me and started to rub my dick. At only 12, I didn't know enough about the risk of pregnancy so I innocently and happily filled Aunt Ellen with my semen. I felt like they were taking advantage of my sister like they had me. The entire area was soaked and slippery from my licking and sucking, so I slid my cock up and down her crack a couple of times then pushed forward.

We piled in and started the drive. After a few minutes my aunt pulled me off and laid me asd on the floor. With that a bitter Brian pulled out of his sister before he could climax. Fuck it good.

Uncle Jim moved in behind mom and pushed his cock up her ass. As we entered her car I noticed her nippled bulging from her amazing tits and fought off eroticaa erection. She almost squealed in delight and pain I sat down on the recliner as she stood up and started to wipe herself a little with her towel. Lisa was valdosta backpage on her knees in front of her erotics with his dick in her mouth.

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Actually any shirt she wore pretty much showed off her magnificent chest. Lisa was the only one to make an effort, even though sometimes she would chime in with her mom or brother and make fun of me. I positioned myself eroyica top of her and moved until I felt my san antonio swinger club rub up against her moist pussy.

A couple of times she eve wet her finger and moved it along my crack. As I got up I tried to adjust mg as I was sporting a pretty wicked hard-on.

Spending the day at my aunts

I thought about walking in and telling her, but what could I say? Your making me cum!

This time around was different. Mom continued laughing as she crawled over to me like a cock-crazed slut hungry for cum. Lisa and Julie were on the bed and Brian was standing next to my sister with his cock pulled out of his shorts.