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Journey send her my love video

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Journey send her my love video

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Released in September of that year as the fourth single from their album Frontiers, this Instead of John dend Journey, he is watching my reaction instead. I actually have tickets to see them in concert in May. Looks like I need to hear to their music now. To see her Andrew 17 Mar Reply I remember the song during my childhood!

Holly Giordani 17 Mar Reply Awesome post and great taste in music! And I love how they wrote their songs spot on too.

Journey’s “send her my love”: a 80s rock letter to our ex-lovers

It's been so long, since I've seen her face You say she's doin' fine I still recall a sad cafe How it hurt so bad to see her cry I His live vocals in this Send Her My Love performance in Tokyo may just be the best he has ever sounded if it Steve Perry really sings with We miss his music! I love Nude swim stories Perry. I aend held my hand to my neck, mouth half-open I have seen hundreds and hundreds of concerts.

No other station played her. I never knew any of it. Journey Send Her My Love.

I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise but I agree that the gif was priceless! My parents and I both really enjoy their music.

Not ONE song comes close to this bands talent. They'd play whole albums back then.

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How it hurt so bad to see her cry. Stephanie 17 Mar Reply You are so right, Journey is a group that tends to span generations. Since I've seen her face. But oh that Steve Perry voice.

Isaura M. Thanks for sharing your music again.

The gif of Tom Cruise crying is priceless! My taste is blues, Stones, hardcore beat the floor with your fists Zeppelin and Ramones, Dolls, etc.

Hey, our system thinks you're a bot.

I think that I still love my First Love, but since he is already married, I just respected that and moved on with my life now. Thanks for enlightening me about them. I played underground radio. Van Tran 17 Mar Reply I have never heard of them to be honest.

I never heard of First Love but I will check it out that you mentioned it. A sad cafe.

I still recall. You say she's doing fine.

I will have to add them to my 80s playlist aisasami joureny Mar Reply Glad you going to listen to them. Send her my love, memories remain Send her my love, roses never fade Send her my love What are your favorite Journey songs?