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Hungry like the skag

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Hungry like the skag

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Walkthrough This mission is much like a scavenger hunt.

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Receive the unique Jakobs Stomper Assault Rifle. Debrief Given the frequency with which skags tend to drop the damned things one has to imagine firearms taste like filet mignon to them.

While Marcus assembles the gun for the Vault Hunters, though the mission is turned in at the Bounty Board where Marcus is absent. Gun Sight: A gun sight covered in goo. Follow the objective markers to kill skags and collect gay massage tampa gun stock, gun barrel, gun sight, and gun chamber and gun parts 4 Turn in the mission at the Fyreston job board.

Was this guide helpful? Gun Chamber: A gun chamber covered in slobber.

Walkthrough This mission is much like a scavenger hunt. This mission appears to be a callback almost a parody of the common scavenger hunt hungrg in Borderlandswhich all involve finding the scattered parts of weapons, which are then reassembled into a mission reward. It's likely that the parts are sent to Marcus at Sanctuary using Fast-Travel Tech before he sends back the assembled weapon in the same way.

Gun Barrel: A gun barrel covered in blood. Video Walkthroughs.

Gun Stock: A gun stock covered in gunk.