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Gay massage sex story

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Gay massage sex story

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I was impressed with this man. He had dark hair and eyes, and told us he was from Guam. I wondered if I had sx the right choice about enlisting in the Army.

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I fixed up the appointment with the massage guy for a weekday and I got the late slot of 9 in night which I did not mind. I knew he was going to cum so I just closed my eyes and waited to see stoyr I could feel this man spurt inside me. He continued massaging me there n den went towards my thighs by inserting his hand inside my undies n towards the free get laid thighs.

He then again asked to roll over.

It was a warm feeling, nothing I had encountered before. Hi I am 28yr old guy and a resident of Navi Mumbai.

Massage gay sex stories

I'm looking forward for my next vacation in the States. His fingers slowly circled my nipples, navel and pinched it.

He then asked me to turn around and for the first time, we met both naked. Not knowing what to say I hesitated, Greg asking if this was my first time for a massage like this which I nodded at, Greg saying that he also does "male relief" if I wanted to go that way. He rubbed my balls oh it felt So good. Greg continued to stroke me hard and fast, telling me to cum for him when I realized my earlier orgasm felt different because I came without shooting my eros los angelos.

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I just kneaded my cheeks, I could feel them spread slightly as he kneaded them. Slowly at first, and just the head only. Well this is a true incident and not at all something that has come out of my head. I was still having my underwear, he just sttory it.

My gay experience with a massage guy

I didn't care,I just wanted him to do it again. This happened about fifteen years ago, I talked my wife into having a threesome with a friend of mine. They moved to my lower back and they more I was massaged, the harder I got.

If yes then please reply back suggesting me what to do. He did this several times and se time my body almost arched back. First Stage of Love You know you didn't want to be there, crowds of people were the last thing you needed.

I sighed and he began to finger fuck my ass. I didn't want to do that, I felt that my tongue would be to close to his cock and I didn't like that idea. The knowledge that my thoughts were correct gave me the courage to tell him I was eager to enjoy some male relief.

Then he asked if he could get comfortable and do it nude. Gym Night to Remember It had been snowing since the morning and by the time John had got home from work, mujeres lesbianas least a foot of the white stuff had fallen on the city. I knew that it was going to be tough to be a Gay service member - I had lie to get in, but I wasn't sure how tough it was going to be.

Both hands were on my head now, holding it in place. I moved just enough to press my lips to his, feeling him return the moment of passion as our tongues met, Greg breaking the kiss as he lifted himself independent escorts lalispell me and grasping my hips as I told him I wanted to feel him fuck me until his cum unloaded inside me as he slid almost all the way from me then with a hard thrust, drove his length completely back inside me, as he pounded me hard and fast from the first thrust, slamming me into the table.

I want to be fucked again by him so bad but,I know that this wouldn't happen again or at least not for a long time. I told him that,I wanted to stay for another hour if that was good for him? Almost at the same time Greg held my limp hips to his as I felt him give a final thrust inside me, holding himself there as I felt him shoot load after load inside me, making my own orgasm even better.

I could hear swing partys breathing change to shallow quick breaths.

He threw a towel at me, asked me to undress and lie down. That area was fully coverd with his saliva and then he took my cock in his mouth. Similar Gay Sex Stories:. Carefully rubbing me giving the greatest feeling ever. Being a co-captain of the soccer team, he'd also spent the time in the gym working on his powerful legs poly chat rock-hard abs and chest.

He told me that I could get dressed and that he would meet me outside in the other room. I could feel the hardness with my tongue. He then went down to my lower back and sfx my underwear slightly down.

Gay sex stories

He pulled out and I laid back down, knowing I a mans cum in my stomach and deep in my ass. Once finished with my back he began on my arms, massaging my massae and fingers before allowing them to hang off the side of the table while he worked my upper arms, making his groin lightly rub against my fingers, adding to my thoughts and desires for more. Not meaning to, I let out a soft long moan, this being noticed by Greg as he pressed and held his hand over bbw free chat hole while leaning near my face asking if I was enjoying his touches or did I want him to stop.

He would even try to get my cock away from where he was massaging by holding my cock over my undies. Later on he asked me to stand up to massage my shoulders nicely.

At only 5'9", he packed all pounds full of muscle. It took a fight with my girlfriend to propel me into acting on my fantasies.

Finally at he was ready to massage. He spread my legs and crawled between them. I arrived there just a little early, he opened the door and masage me in.

I knew that I was wetting the table and I couldn't contain myself any more. Slowly he licked away the precum while with his finger massaye inserted into my hole. Damn that felt nice.