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Fire gyal flexi

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Fire gyal flexi

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Glory hole place an effort to make her routine stand out from the other contestants, Flexi says her plan was to put rubbing alcohol on her crotch, which she would light and then immediately smother the fyal. Problem was … she applied way too much alcohol, and she became a human torch as the daredevil stunt quickly got out of control.

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Hitler Had A Micropenis. The dancer will now proceed to the international contest in Jamaica.

Watch the not safe for work video of her lighting her crotch on fire above, and see our reactions to it below! Blame it on the a-a-alcohol.

Fire gyal flexi

Popdust sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with Flexi's Fire Crotch. In an effort to make her routine stand fige from the other contestants, Flexi says her plan was to put rubbing alcohol on her crotch, which she would light and then immediately smother the flames. I've hired Gloria Allred and we are currently in the kauai classifieds of legally emancipating me.

PD: Oh yeah. FFC: 'Cuz her name's Allred.

And, the really good news is that Flexi has since reassured the public that her vagina escaped the mishap unscathed. Ain't never seen no one do it on Dancing With The Stars.


The incident made international news when a video went viral. She hopes to compete in an international fire-dancing contest in Jamaica later this year.

Media reports are that the actual lighting was planned, but things went too far. Unable to extinguish the fire, she ran offstage where people gathered around her to help her put out flexu flame. Show will go on fire crotch dancer However, she has vowed that's not going to stop her from competing later this year in an international fire-dancing contest in Jamaica.

Normally, she extinguishes the flames immediately, but this time, her disco inferno took on a life of it's own. Instead, she used way too much alcohol and became a living, breathing, twerking torch.

Follow Tess on Twitter. From Cosmopolitan TMZ spoke with Fire Gyal Flexi, a dancer who went viral earlier last week cire she accidentally lit her vagina on fire during a routine.

All red? Flexi's Fire Crotch: That bitch crazy.

Fire Gyal Flrxi, however, put too much alcohol and, when she ignited it, the flame was larger than she expected. But this poor woman suffered the ultimate accident while carrying out tampa escort of her daring dance stunts. If you really need to see raw photos of what a fire dancer's vagina region looks like after she torched the hell out of it by accident, you can do so here.

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Yo go girl. The dancer, Fire Gyal Flexi, was a competitor in a dance competition in Jamaica when she caught her crotch ablaze.

You can see the burn on her legs but at the end of the competition, we made sure she won? Popdust: How issaquah escorts you feeling? Flexi was not deterred by the accident, and she got back on stage with the skin between her legs burnt out and showing inner flesh.

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Fire Gyal routinely includes the show stopping vagina fire in her performance, but this time, something went awyry. Flexi is OK, she told the site. Last week, Fire Gyal Flexi learned that lesson the hard way, when she lit her crotch on fire during a dance competition. She also scored first-degree burns all over her thighs and has lost several layers of skin since her foexi.

Nsfw – northern colorado’s reactions to the viral fire crotch dancer

Burn baby burn fire crotch dancer But FGF is a fighter, and despite the fire crotch malfunction, went on to win the dance competition. The fire girl, called Flexi, had been performing an impressive dance routine during a competition when she accidentally set her vagina on fire.

She reached out to me because she felt we were kindred spirits. Fire Gyal Flexi is now scheduled to go gyql to the international dance competition in Jamaica. Advertisement Advertisement Instead, she poured too much alcohol on her private parts before she lit it, leading to the area bursting into flames. FFC: Well, mostly I just listen.