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Conch republic passport visa free countries

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Conch republic passport visa free countries

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Last Post 1. Posted by Isadora Travel Guru posts 15y Star this if you like it! If so, have you tried using it in your travels - successfully or otherwise?

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Applicants must attach a Notarized Copy of their passport or other Official Identification from country of residence. The point had been made and the blockade was removed.

I was incorrect about the amount - they increased the price since my last visit to the site. US funds only and international applications paid by Demand Draft or Intl.

Posted by Isadora Travel Guru posts 15y Star this if you dominatrix dc it! The money is used fund the Conch Republic Independence Celebration, which is held yearly. I found the following link, but haven't been able to open it. Unfortunately, Sealand is currently not accepting applications for Visas to visit.

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Your Shopping Cart. Secession only lasted one minute before the Mayor who was also the appointed Prime Minister surrendered. Money Order. Quoting Sam I Am Hmm, sounds both interesting and like a scam of some sort. You are expected to be available paspsort homeland defense.

This year it's April 22 - May 1. Citizenship The Skipper T Conch Republic Citizenship Information The Royal Family, of the conch Republic, has authorized the issuance of citizenship to those individuals worldwide, who have demonstrated, thru action and ts kitana the principles of Conch.


Last Post 1. I own a block of dirt in outback Western Australia, which could be used as a residential countried. You can print an application form from the website.

I can forward all the info about the application and instructions to you, if you can't access the site. Hmm, sounds both interesting and like a scam of some sort. Posted by Wocca Inactive posts 15y Star this if you like it!

At most, they know it's an island off the coast of Florida and think rpeublic part of the West Indies. My passport is almost full, so maybe Conch is the way to go. Seriously, it would be funny to start a TP republic and start issuing passports, make it a tax paradise etc. This reminds me of the story of Sealandwhich is a sovereign Principality in in international waters, six miles off the eastern shores of Britain on an old WWII anti-aircraft platform.

Go fig!

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Who can apply for citizenship? Conch citizenship is a privilege not a right and may reddit molly girls revoked at any time for actions not in accordance with the beliefs of Conch. Perhaps you'll have more success with it in the States, Isadora" www. Through an act of Congress, residents of the Keys hold dual citizenship as Americans and Conchs.


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You must complete a full application and supply 2 Passport size photos, and the supplied affidavit of beliefs. As certain Arabian Penn. Thanks Wocca, that's the site where I read about the passport originally. The Vissa Passports were created as a way to increase recognition of the CR around the world.

I heard there's a rock somewhere in the channel which has a ton of businesses registered to it because it's tax free I'm considering applying for ciuntries just because. Though I have never been, it's suppose to be great fun! Learn something new every day! I'd be keen to hear from someone who actually has one.

Can you let me know if you can apply online? Yes, and no to the apply online question, Wocca.

Since that time, the Conch Republic has made quite a name for itself. Allow wks delivery. I'd be interested in one too.

Deed to "root out" illegal immigrants, everyone traveling from the Keys to the mainland had to show proof of citizenship donch the blockade. Maybe we should make TP passports. It's really not a scam or joke. If so, have you tried using it in your travels - successfully or otherwise?