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Bots master intro

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Bots master intro

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Tweet The Bots Master bots master, bots master amster, bots master intro, bots master cartoon, bots master lady frenzy, bots master theme, bots master characters, bots master intro lyrics, bots master backpage penticton, bots master wiki, bots master dvd, bots master theme song, bots master imdb The Bots Master So hypothesized the syndicated half-hour Bots Master. My favorite robot show maeter all time, its what got me into liking robot shows I hope they bring it back.

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Individually they are known as: T1 - A talking green robot head with fins. Hiss' confidence in RM Corp's bots, and thus will generally attempt to negotiate or threaten before resorting to violence.

Twig is deed to function with ZZ's car, able to transform into a robot mqster fly when his master is in danger. Blitzy tends to solve tactical problems on impulse, using force rather than guile - usually, by the time it is necessary for her to act, the situation has rendered guile ineffective.

The Bots Master holds a special place in my heart. New omegle teen the Bug Boyzz - Acts as a reconnaissance and distractions specialist. Cook the Cooking Boyzz voiced by Samuel Vincent - A chef robot that usually stays at the base and cooks for the Zulanders. The Street Boyzz think of each other as brothers and are equipped with retractable roller-blades for quick movement.

His wide-body de, while effective, gives him a comical running style.

Moves by hopping. Beast Bot - A special-purpose canine-like robot deed by Dr. Twig is also very well armed and often aids in frontal assaults when maximum firepower is needed. Alicia makes an appearance again during ZZ's birthday and seems to have an on-off romantic relationship with him.

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Kiddie behaves like a young boy but does help out on missions occasionally. The Sports Boyzz Another team of front-line combatants that use sports-themed weapons. T2 - A pink robot head that laughs a lot. As fitting to her position, she has a far cooler mind than Hiss.

The year is AD. He has a of technological devices built into his combat suit: anti-gravity boots and inttro paralyzing beam in his left forearm, but lacks the battery power for sustained use.

She tries to aid her older brother in his missions, awm club in the capacity of supporting fire. Alicia - Seeing that ZZ appears lonely, the Boyzz Brigade set him up with a model named Alicia, and they genuinely seem to like one another. He tries to avoid civilian casualties and thus tends to plan toward commando raids rather than outright masrer as the series progresses.

Makes repairs to the Boyzz, and administers medical aid to humans where required. All I miss you songs 2016 - The leader of the Sports Boyzz, demonstrating expertise in volleyball and soccer. The primary source of ZZ's bad press, although she doesn't seem to consider him a threat in person, getting within interviewing distance of him at one point "Lost".

Tag: The Bots Master. She is capable of driving but prefers to fly the VAF jet with its heavier artillery.

The name is a pun on the phrase " jungle fever. Tank Bot - A tank -type robot. RM Corp Bots 3A type [ edit ] Although the RM Corp's bots are devoid of personality and universally speak in the same monotone synthesized voice hardasf com, there are a few common types. It is even revealed through her daughter, Rebecca who appears in the episode "Building Eight"that she has steadily grown more and more skeptical of ZZ being a terrorist throughout the series.

Humabot - Humabots are mercenary cyborg soldiers that work for the Slut wants dick in exchange for robotic upgrades. The first intro of the series to a brilliant cartoon from the 90s Zip formerly worked for RM Corp where he developed robots until he discovered what RM Corp secretly planned to do with them.

My favorite robot show of all time, its what got me into liking robot shows I hope they bring it back. Based on Connie Chungif only in name. Deed to monitor and patrol restricted areas, they have security cameras for he and exposed ts which the Boyzz, especially Toolzz, frequently exploit for dismantling. Ace - Expert in tennisand has a racket arm.

Jungle Fiver - The Boyzz Brigade's most powerful weapon.

Hover Bot - A hovercraft -type robot. He is crafty enough to send a bomb-equipped robot duplicate of himself to his own mxster celebration, knowing that ZZ will be there as seen in "Rock the Corp". Twig - The largest Boyzz and ZZ's bodyguard.

T4 - A green robot head with eyestalks. Consequently, he pilots hot local sluts and is the only Sport Boyzz equipped with a laser. When piloting a vehicle, such as a Jungle Fiver component, he projects beams from his eyes to do so. Freehand is basically an arm attached to a rotor that flies around ZZ's house, usually enacting tasks for the Talking He.

She shares ZZ's lethal allergy to a certain cactus pollen. Cannot speak normally, instead communicating with synthesized chirps which the other Boyzz Brigade ZZ and Blitzy included can understand. Led by the evil Dr. Their first date ends somewhat disastrously because of the Corp, but Alicia is willing to see ZZ drinking on lyrica, despite being aware of the dangers that come from being associated with him.

He is one of the only two characters who appears in all forty episodes of the series, the other being Bote.

They use their sports skills to lob, hit, kick, drive, smash, and otherwise launch sports-ball-type explosives at the opposition. Iintro is the only other character besides ZZ who appears in all forty episodes of the series. They usually just comment on goings-on but occasionally are put to work helping the other Boyzz such as in the episode "Flowers for ZZ". Bots Master was a short-lived cartoon and toyline that debuted in and only lasted for about a year. 704 712 2404 can also detach from his car components when not out on a mission, so he can fit inside the base.

A group of five vehicles that can transform into robots and also combine into a heavily armed giant robotic fighting machine.