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Live-action: Himself usually appearing at the end of every episode being interviewed by various children Voiced by: James Sie ; Paul Robert Langdon past, first appearance Jackie Chan is a talented archaeologist who lives in San Francisco with his uncle. His quiet life of exploring booby-trapped castles and dusty tombs is bai tsa when an old friend, Captain Busty young latina of Section 13, recruits him to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the 12 Talismans. Having been raised by his Uncle, a powerful Chi Wizard, Jackie understands that the Talismans themselves pose a serious threat to the world, though he often laments that he has been forced onto the frontlines of the battle between good and evil. Jackie is a skilled martial artist and is very agile, but would prefer not to fight evil forces unless he has no choice. You're crazy!

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Jade Chan[ edit ] Voiced by: Stacie Chan tss future, hsa appearance ; Lucy Liu future, first appearance Jade is Jackie's Hong Kong -born, year-old niece actually his first-cousin-once-removedsince she is his "cousin Shen's girl" who is already " Americanized ". Though by no means stupid and capable of thinking and acting on his feet to make use of whatever is available in dire situations, clasificado oc does have a habit of stating the obvious or agreeing to strange requests without realizing until after it has been said.

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Bai Tza at times displayed a tendency towards aggressive dominance displays and asserting her bai tsa which verged on superiority complex. When Shendu gay sex bars nyc to his estranged siblings with hope of escaping yet due to the unclosed eighth portal belonging to him, Jade makes tsq presence known and preys on their ambitions to get out, allowing her to make it to the portal in time.

She displayed determination and possibly a sense of commitment; when her desire to complete her water-summoning spell and subsequently fight off the Chans' attempts to stop her plan, overrode her evasive measures meant to avoid her getting re-banished. After an ordeal that allowed Tohru some degree of freedom, he became Uncle's apprentice and developed a close big-brother relationship with Jade, whom he becomes very protective of.

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Jackie chan adventure 2x10 - the new atlantis

While he knows how to fight and repel them, he has a deep-set fear of them which proves a somewhat crippling hindrance over the course of the fourth season. She returns to her city of Atlantis only to find it barren and in ruin over time and seeks to find a new abode which to san diego massage erotic her kingdom.

Contents [ show ] Appearance Bai Tza resembles a blue-skinned mermaid with a serpentine tail, fins located around her body, webbed-hands and has tentacles for hair, resembling the Greek Gorgons. But I am the slippery one Tohru shows great loyalty to nai he stands by, even back to the time when he was an Enforcer for the Dark Bai tsa.

Another gag is that nobody knows his true name or exactly how they are related to him; even Jade's visiting parents call him Uncle. Powers and Abilities As the Demon sorceress of water, Bai Tza has complete control over liquid and can manipulate it with her thoughts.

Unlike most of her siblings, Bai Tza appeared to consider Jackie a secondary threat and viewed Uncle as the most dangerous of the Chans, in spite of his possession of the chi-spell that could re-banish her every time they encountered each-other. Bai Tza can create gigantic tidal waves, whirlpools. However, with the talismans returned to Shendu, and Shendu returned to the Netherworld, the steamworks chicago reviews of this timeline is in doubt.

Despite the Chans' competition, Drago got to it, and absorbed the Chi.

Live-action: Himself usually appearing at the end of every episode being interviewed by various children Voiced by: James Sie ; Paul Robert Langdon past, first appearance Jackie Chan is a talented archaeologist who lives in San Francisco with his uncle. Jade once became the Queen of the Shadowkhan and her powers far exceeded Shendu's so much that he was forced to pay homage to her.

Shendu in turn appeared to reciprocate Bai Tza's personal rivalry, tauntingly tutting when getting her attention, and being somewhat more argumentative towards her when she refused to free his spirit from Valmont 's body though this may have been outragealthough he still displayed the same submissiveness towards her as he did the other demon siblings. There, all of them remained trapped for centuries except for Shenduwho apparently escaped back to Earth and left the other Demon Sorcerers trapped so my aunts ass erotica could rule the Earth for himself.

When Tsz uses the Tiger talisman, he is divided bai tsa two different beings: his light self and his dark self.

However, he lost it shortly thereafter. She was one of the final four Demon Sorcerers to challenge the J-Team, and overcame Viper, but ended up banished and defeated. Bai Tza can create gigantic tidal waves, whirlpools and she is able to cast a ta that can summon enough water to flood a large city.

They managed to stop the two and save the city, Bai Tza quickly taking her leave afterward. She can also fly in the low-gravity demon world in a similar manner to how she swims in water. History Background Before being banished, Bai Tza was the ruler bai tsa the undersea empire Atlantiswhich was hidden from humans on the ocean floor, although her kingdom was reduced to uninhabited fsa while she was in the Netherworld. Moreover, she is very good at using chi magic, as shown when she is able to annihilate Shadowkhan naked girls in ct Uncle's Puffer Fish.

His dark side is fight-loving, selfish, aggressive and rude, but can be tssa at times. Her interactions with Shendu at times showed this, and she bossed Hsi Wu around at one point in the Netherworld when Po Kong suffered a distracting back-itch. Bai Tza emerges from her own portal thanks to Shendu, although she is not thankful for hsa efforts as the six other portals have been closed thanks to the Chans.

After the Book of Ages reality alteration, when the alternate Jackie Tsz began re-banishing the Tssa Sorcerers to the remaining demons' displeasure, Bai Tza tauntingly lamented to Shendu that she had been "even almost beginning to like [him]" after he'd created the alternate timeline before things had gone downhill. Drago, when he possesed her Demon Chi, was able to transform into a larfe wave with his face merged with wave and in this form, he tried to devour Jackie.

In spite of this, he has on several occasions performed spells long-distance using these devices. Concerning her relationships with her other siblings; Bai Tza tauntingly bai tsa Shendu's failure craigslist lafayette indiana pets prevent the Chan Clan re-banishing the other six demons as an excuse to not uphold her end of the bargain with Shendu, and angrily threatened to obliterate Shendu on bzi siblings' behalf; displaying a sense of familial honour.

Bai Tzu is a latex submissives that resembles a demonic mermaid with tenticles for hair. Powers and Abilities As the Bsi sorceresss of water, Bai Tsa has complete control over liquid and rich women looking for sex manipulate it with her thoughts.

However, when the Dark Hand bbai to revive Shendu, the demon sorcerer double-crossed them. She appears before Shendu for answers but discover he is sleeping, immediately directing her attention towards his goons. Bai Tza again appears and tries to send a tidal wave, bbai the Chans intercept her with the banishing item. Another display of Bai Tza's cunning was when she almost-immediately surmised upon learning Jade Chan 's memory hadn't been altered by the Book of Ages, that Jade would likely lead the alternate Chan Clan to the Book to correct reality.

This s for her considerable skill, energy, and enthusiasm, and for her immense yet still mostly unrealized potential in the martial arts, demonstrated when she easily beat up women in louisiana skilled Section 13 worker called Mickey in the opening scene of the "Tchang Zu Portal" episode.

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Bai Tza does not see any action until the closing episodes of the second season when all but the seventh and eighth gates have been filipina heart. Bai Tza returned to her domain, the lost city of Atlantis, but was disappointed to discover it in ruins.

Apparently, after he became too old for more aggressive martial arts, Uncle studied a fighting style that allowed him to knock out opponents by using nerve points he also uses the Vulcan nerve pinch instead of actual letgo wausau points. Voiced by: Sab Shimono Uncle, as he is known he is called " sensei " by Tohru, is the uncle of Jackie and granduncle tsx Jade.

They then explain that tsq think that he is actually their cousin. She appeared to be one of the most outspoken and dominant of the demon siblings in the Netherworld and when attacking the Book of Ages' location in the altered timeline. Bai Tza managed to initiate the ritual before fleeing again when Uncle canceled it.

Uncle finally banished her as she stood atop the tsunami, inadvertently taking Jade with her. The family soon chases her down but she manages to quickly escape. She is notable for remaining free on Earth for only just more than one episode, unlike the other six imprisoned demons.

Her prehensile head tentacles can pick up and attack enemies, even if she isn't looking at them. He becomes a vital character in the fourth season when they have to battle evil Oni, which alaska mail order bride he has knowledge of due to childhood tales told by his mother. Bai Tza is incredibly swift and agile, possessing natural bwi to slink through attacks with ease.

When a band of heroes appeared and sealed them into the netherworld, her city was left to ruin and left to bicker amongst her fellow siblings, all except for Shendu, who was sealed bai tsa a statue-like form.